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What do I do if my name is longer than 30 characters?

The best way to deal with the character limit is to simply cut one of your names off short or remove any suffixes/prefixes.


I started Device Service but the EFT Creator says "Unable to communicate with Device Service."

Device Service can take up to 2 minutes to start up completely. Try refreshing the page after waiting.
If this does not resolve the issue, please refer to Unable to Communicate with Device Service.


How long does card conversion take?

Card conversions usually takes less than one business day depending on work load. Typically customers receive their conversions within the hour.

If you believe your conversion is has taken an abnormal amount of time, please contact us!


My scanner doesn't support 500dpi images, what do I do?

You can scan the image at a higher resolution such as 600dpi or 1200dpi. If you scanner does not support a resolution of 500dpi or higher, then you can visit a Local FedEx and UPS stores. They will  usually have a high dpi scanner that you can use. If you'd rather purchase your own we recommend the Epson v800/v850 scanners.

FedEx Finder

UPS Finder


What media should I print my EFT on?

The EFTs are created to be printed onto FD-258 card stock. These are available on sites such as Amazon and OfficeSupply.


How do I enable SWFT?

SWFT can be enabled on the My Account page, at the bottom.


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