Unable to communicate with Device Service

Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson

This error is informing you that the EFTCreator is not able to communicate with the Device Service, which is required to interface with the fingerprint scanner. To resolve this issue, you will need to ensure that the Device Service and the drivers/software for your fingerprint scanner are installed. Check out the Getting Started article for how to install all the required software.


If you have everything installed and are still having this issue, you can try restarting the Device Service.  


Open Services

If you are using Windows 10, click the search box near the Start button, and type"services".  Then, click or tap the search result with the same name.

Windows, Services


In Windows 7, click Start, and in the search box above this button, type the word "services". Click the search result with the same name.

Windows, Services


Restart Device Service

Scroll down to DeviceService, right-click on it, and select restart. Please wait at least 60 seconds to ensure the Device Service is fully restarted before attempting to capture any fingerprints.


If this doesn't resolve your, please submit a support ticket and include the Device Service log files. These files are located in C:\Program Files\Device Service (or C:\Program Files (x86)\Device Service for 32-bit versions). Please include all *.log files in your support request ticket.


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