How to Correct an EFT

Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson
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If you happen to fat finger a name, DOB, or some other field and your EFT fails validation, don't worry. EFTCreator allows you to correct an EFT file without being charged (if you are on the pay-per-transaction plan), or having to go through the hassle of collecting the fingerprints again. Note, EFTCreator only allows a single correction per transaction.


Follow the these steps to correct an EFT.


1) Click the Transaction link from the left navigation panel to bring up the transaction page.

2) At the bottom of the table, click the "Correct Transaction" button


3) Either click the "Select to Upload" button or drag and drop the EFT file that needs corrected into the designated area in the correction dialog.


4) Once the file is uploaded, click the OK button.


5) This will populate the fingerprints only. All other descriptive data will have to be reentered. Once you have entered all the data and recaptured any fingerprints that needed to be recaptured (if any), then click "Create EFT" to produce a new EFT file.



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